Tim PALLAS (Werribee – Treasurer, Minister for Industrial Relations, Minister for Economic Growth) (09:40): I rise to update the house on the new Wyndham Park tool library, recently opened in my electorate. The library was made possible with $91,900 delivered through Sustainability Victoria with additional support from Wyndham City Council and Wyndham Park Community Centre. The library allows local residents to borrow up to 400 items for a low annual fee. As some people in this place may have twigged, I know a tool when I see one. The Wyndham Park tool library includes a wide array of garden tools, woodworking and carpentry tools, artists’ tools, construction tools, camping equipment and more. This initiative not only promotes sustainability by encouraging the sharing and reuse of tools but also fosters a sense of community amongst residents.


I would like to thank Wyndham mayor Jennie Barrera, who joined me to cut the ribbon, as well as Lyn Mackay, a volunteer who assists with the running of the library. This library would not be possible without the incredible work of volunteers such as Lyn. Thank you also to Dan Schultheis and Ian Fenton, the community shed and tool library manager and centre manager respectively, for their good work. Libraries like this are the glue or perhaps more appropriately the heavy-duty liquid nails that hold communities together. I look forward to seeing the library grow and to borrowing a tool now and again and encourage others to do so.