Our economy, growing Victoria for all

A strong economy is vital for the prosperity of all Victorians, because it means more jobs and opportunties. Since the election in 2014, over 200,000 jobs have been created – more than 250 new jobs every day.

In the year to March 2017, average employment grew by 3.4%. This was the strongest among the states, and a stark contrast to average employment growth for the rest of the nation at only 0.6%.

In that same year, more jobs were created in Victoria than the rest of the country combined.

The Victorian Budget 2017/18 continues the Government’s track record of strong financial management.

The 2017/18 operating surplus is estimated to be $1.2 billion, with surpluses averaging $2.4 billion over the forward estimates – putting Victoria in a strong financial position.

This Budget therefore funds the things that matter to all Victorians.

Investing a record $1.9 billion to help end the scourge of family violence.

Building better roads and public transport, because Victorians need options they can rely on, wherever they live.

Removing more level crossings, making more trains and trams for Victorians, in Victoria.

The Victorian Budget 2017/18 is about people, communities, and creating the Victoria our grandchildren will grow up in.

It’s about getting on with the job.

For more details on the Victorian Budget 2017/18 please visit: https://www.budget.vic.gov.au/