Victorian Budget 2020/21 To Create Jobs And Help Victoria Recover

2020 has been tough.

The toughest year most of us will ever live through.

It’s asked more of us than we could ever have imagined. Tested us in ways we never thought it could.

It’s also shone a bright light on some of the dark cracks in our society and in our economy:

A mental health system that is broken.

An economy that asks workers to choose between their health and feeding their family.

Too many Victorians without the security and stability of a home.

At the same time, it’s also shown us what matters most: the safety and security of our families, our kids, our parents.

Having confidence in what tomorrow, or next month, or next year might look like.

And those things that hold us together. Taking care of each other. Looking after each other.

It’s why this Budget is about doing exactly that – looking after people.

It’s about helping Victorians find work, ensuring not just a job, but security and certainty for them and the people they love.

It’s about looking after families, making sure they can have confidence in their future – and a future for their kids.

It’s about taking care of the people we love most, and ensuring that if the worst were to happen, we know they’ll have the care they need.

And it’s about building a strong recovery – and an even stronger future for our State.

These are uncertain times. But we are presented with a rare opportunity.

An opportunity to create a Victoria where – regardless of gender or age or background – every Victorian can achieve their potential and feel positive about their future.

This is a Budget that will help deliver on that future.

A Budget to repair, recover and make us stronger than before.

This is a Budget that puts people first.

Tim Pallas
Treasurer of Victoria