Treasurer of Victoria

As the Treasurer of Victoria it is my duty to ensure that the government of the day is managed in an economically sound and prudent fashion.

This means making decisions on the long term economic vision for Victoria’s future; including making decisions pertaining to the funding allocations for government departments, assessing economic policy, setting State taxation levels and ensuring that the government continues to promote jobs and growth in the economy.

Victoria’s economy continues to move from strength to strength with the 2016/17 Victorian Budget producing an operating surplus of $2.9 billion.

The Budget funds our plans, projects and promises – because getting things done means concrete delivery, not dithering and delay.

We’re building the projects our state needs and creating thousands of jobs.

Fully funding the $11 billion Melbourne Metro Rail Project.

Setting aside $572 million to take action on family violence – our number one law and order issue.

It will deliver more new schools than ever before.

It will cut waiting times for emergency departments and elective surgeries.

With this Budget, regional cities can start to rival Melbourne in the race for new jobs, visitors and businesses – and that’s a good thing.

Make no mistake: our economy is strong.

The sound and prudent management by the Andrews Labor Government is positioning Victoria’s budget as one of the strongest in the nation.

Victoria’s unemployment rate – which was as high as 6.8 per cent in 2014 under the previous Napthine Government – has now been reduced to 5.7 per cent.

Growth in the Victorian economy has risen to 2.5 per cent and we are creating jobs at three times the rate seen under the former government.

We promised Victorians that we would deliver strong surpluses, create more jobs, and keep our triple-A credit rating secure – and we are delivering on that promise.

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