Tim PALLAS (Werribee – Treasurer, Minister for Industrial Relations, Minister for Economic Growth) (14:21): It gives me great pleasure to announce to the house the updated and stellar performance that the state of Victoria has had in terms of jobs growth. Victorian employment rose by 10,000 new jobs in April, taking the increase in employment over the past year to more than 117,000 ‍new jobs. The number of Victorians employed has increased by over 570,000 jobs since September 2020. That is the highest growth in jobs in the nation both in percentage terms and in absolute terms. This has smashed the government’s jobs target of 400,000 jobs by 2025. This means that we have an all-time high in the number of Victorians in employment.


The visitor economy sector has also enjoyed its share of growth over this time. According to the latest figures, tourism in Victoria generated 257,500 filled jobs and contributed $28.2 billion to the economy in gross state product in 2022–23. Businesses and workers are flocking to Victoria, and it is very clear why they are doing it. The most recent ABS statistics show that Victoria created 90,000 new businesses since 2021 alone, more than any other state, and 170,000 businesses since coming to government. Indeed following the difficulties of the pandemic nearly 100,000 new jobs in the tourism sector were created in 2022–23 alone. Those opposite managed, for the whole state of Victoria in their entire term of government – get this – 11,000 new jobs. That is how pathetic they were as economic managers.