The Mornington Peninsula has lost almost 10,000 jobs under Ted Baillieu’s
leadership and the number of people unemployed in the Hastings area (Small Area
Labor Market Mornington Peninsula East) has increased by 9% in the last year,”
said Victorian Shadow Minister for Employment and Ports, Tim Pallas.

 18 months ago in March 2011 the Ports Minister described the development of the
Port of Hastings as “absolutely imperative.” Instead of pursuing a grandiose,
multi-billion dollar,  container port development that would still be decades away, perhaps the Minister should attend to the core bulk trade business at Hastings, which will shortly be a port in name only as the jobs of all 40 stevedoring employees are lost,” said Mr Pallas.

This quixotic tilt at developing the Port of Hastings should not distract from the fact that the Baillieu Government has yet to develop a jobs and investment plan for Victoria and have done nothing to protect the jobs of these workers despite the Opposition’s warning that they were at risk in March of this year,” he said.

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