Reducing Homelessness Through Early Intervention

The Allan Labor Government is targeting family violence and homelessness through a record investment in early intervention programs.

The Victorian Budget 2024/25 invests $1.1 billion in 28 early intervention programs through the Government’s Early Intervention Investment Framework (EIIF), building on $2.7 billion of funding over the past four years.

This investment will fund the expansion of Sacred Heart Mission’s highly successful Journey to Social Inclusion (J2SI) – one of Victoria’s most effective programs targeting chronic homelessness.

J2SI provides three years of extensive support to help vulnerable Victorians improve their mental health, resolve substance abuse issues, and make strong community connections so they can end their homelessness for good.

The expanded J2SI program will improve lives and deliver estimated benefits of up to $80 million in avoided costs over the next decade through reduced hospital admissions, crisis accommodation and mental health services.

Investment in early intervention programs means less demand on hospitals, prisons and homelessness and family violence services, with savings from EIIF reinvested in future EIIF programs.

The EIIF investment in the Victorian Budget 2024/25 includes $167.5 million to address family violence, reducing pressure on services, as well as $196.9 million for homelessness prevention.

Quote attributable to Minister for Housing Harriet Shing

“We know that vulnerable people with often very complex needs are best supported with both housing and wraparound support – this is how we make homelessness rare, brief, and non-recurring.”

Quote attributable to Treasurer Tim Pallas

“Prevention is better than cure – we are supporting early intervention programs that reduce demand for crisis services and help Victorians build better lives.”

Quote attributable to Member for Albert Park Nina Taylor

“The Journey to Social Inclusion started as a pilot in St Kilda – I’m proud that with our support it has grown to be one of Victoria’s most effective programs targeting chronic homelessness.”

Quote attributable to Sacred Heart Mission CEO Hang Vo

“Our approach, combined with ongoing support from the Victorian Government’s crucial Early Intervention Investment Framework, enables people to access and sustain safe and secure housing and rebuild their lives.”

Quote attributable to J2SI participant ‘Terri’

“J2SI was a game changer. Investing three years may seem like a lot but it’s nothing to turn around a life. It’s a great investment for me to return to the community, to reconnect with my family.”