The Allan Labor Government is making home maintenance and DIY more affordable and sustainable for Wyndham residents, with a new Wyndham Park Tool Library to support the local community achieve and learn more with less.

Member for Werribee Tim Pallas today opened the new Wyndham Park Tool Library for local residents to borrow and donate tools – helping to ease cost of living pressures and reducing the need to purchase more materials and appliances that might only be used once.

The library currently has over 400 items available to borrow, including garden tools, woodworking and carpentry tools, artist tools, construction tools, camping equipment and more.

Studies have found that if 250 items were used from the tool library by a community that would save 1 tonne of waste from landfill, and four tonnes of new products that did not have to be manufactured.

The Tool Library has been supported by the Labor Government with a grant of more than $91,900, as part of over 60 projects funded through the $7.3 million Circular Economy Councils Fund.

Other projects to receive support include new transfer station equipment, organics and mulch processing facilities, tip and resale shops, circular economy hubs, textile recycling projects, and mobile recycling and waste reduction services.

Projects supported have already diverted an astounding 1,700 tonnes of waste from landfill and created 63 jobs.

The Tool Library is currently open on Wednesdays, with plans to open on Saturdays later this year.

For more information on hours, membership and tools available to borrow visit,

Quote attributable to Minister for Environment Steve Dimopoulos

“This project helps to reduce the resources that are wasted by tools sitting unused in sheds and garages, reducing waste and consumption and contributing to a more sustainable future for all Victorians.”

Quote attributable to Member for Werribee Tim Pallas

“Having the right tool for the job just got easier thanks to our new Wyndham Park Tool Library – equipping local residents with essential tools and fostering a sense of community and support.”