Tim Pallas, State Member for Tarneit, has called on the Napthine Government to stop
ignoring families and individuals languishing on public housing waiting lists
in Wyndham.  

Minister Lovell stated at the Werribee Community Cabinet event that the Napthine
Government does not have the money to invest in crisis accommodation in Wyndham
because “[the Napthine Government] do have limited resources. We have
to make sure we help those most in need.”

 “The Napthine Government has not only failed to invest in crisis accommodation, they have failed to make any significant investments in public housing stock across the board.” said Mr. Pallas.

“Minister Lovell states that the Government will “help those most in need”, however the Napthine Government continues to ignore those most in need in Wyndham.”

“Minister Lovell’s comments ring hollow for Victorians such as Jamal Dobbyn, who cares for her disabled adult son in a private rental property that is unsuitable for her son’s needs.” 

Ms. Dobbyn applied, and was approved for, a priority placement on the public housing waiting list on 4 May 2012, in addition to Special Accommodation Requirements priority list.

“Ms. Dobbyn’s situation has been raised with Minister Lovell twice. The Minister advises that while Ms. Dobbyn  has qualified for  a priority placement, they could give her no
indication of when an appropriate property may become available,” said Mr Pallas.

“The Napthine Government must make substantial investment in public housing stock to ensure that families such as the Dobbyns are not stuck on a waiting list with no indication of when they will be placed into an appropriate property.”

Across both the Sunshine and Footscray Offices of Housing, between March and June
2013, early housing (that is, those assessed as urgently requiring housing by the Office of Housing) remained the same at Footscray, with 426 remaining on the waiting list, and a paltry difference reduction of one person from the Sunshine office, from 1090 to 1089.”

Across both the Sunshine and Footscray Offices of Housing between March and June 2013, total number of applicants on the Public Housing Transfer list has increased
from 208 to 223 at Footscray, and 736 to 750 at Sunshine.