The Napthine Government’s startling admission that it was highly ‘unlikely’ that it would sign up to the ‘National Plan for School Improvement’ is a huge blow for local schools across Wyndham.  

 The Napthine Government has labelled the ‘National Plan for School Improvement’ that implements the recommendations of the Gonski review, nothing more than a ‘political slogan’.

 The Victorian Government has until June 30 to sign up to the scheme with bothNew South Walesand ACT already signed up andTasmaniaclose to reaching an agreement.

 “The Napthine Government is walking away from an average $1.8 million boost for local schools under the national plan,” Mr Pallas said.

 “Denis Napthine needs to stop playing politics with the needs of local students and sign up to this once in a generation opportunity to improve the way we fund schools and educate our children.

 “This week, NSW Liberal Education Minister Adrian Piccoli sent his department toVictoriato brief the Victorian government on why signing up to the Gonski reforms is such a great deal for schools. Premier Napthine and Education Minister Martin Dixon did not even attend the briefing,” Ms Hennessy said.

 “The Napthine Government’s track record on education is grim, having cut $300 million a year out of TAFE and $48 million from the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL),” Mr Pallas said.

 “The ‘National Plan for School Improvement’ means a good education for every child in Victoria, regardless of their postcode.

 “The Napthine Government’s failures to adequately fund Victoria’s education sector are real; they are impacting on real families right across Victoria,” Ms Hennessy said.