Wyndham business and community leaders met with local State Members of Parliament in Werribee today to discuss the actions that can be taken to encourage local employment and keep Wyndham residents in work.

State Member for Tarneit and Shadow Minister for Employment Tim Pallas said that ideas discussed at the forum would contribute to Labor’s work in developing a jobs and investment plan for Victoria.

“Nothing is more important to families in Wyndham than having a job,” Member for Lara, John Eren, said.

Participants at the forum discussed the employment challenges that Wyndham faces, such as investment attraction, skills and training, infrastructure and transport.

The biggest issue, as agreed by all participants, is Wyndham’s transport infrastructure. Improvements to Wyndham’s roads and public transport services would help people get to a job safely and reliably.

“It is clear that our local community agrees that we need investment in transport infrastructure to encourage employment generation and to make sure people can travel safely and reliably to work,” Mr Pallas said.

State Member for Altona, Jill Hennessy, said “we need to make sure we have enough places for training our young people as the community continues to grow over the coming years, and the appropriate systems to make sure that training leaves people ready for a job.” 

“While the Baillieu Government has been asleep at the wheel, Labor is working with business and the community to do what’s needed – develop a jobs plan,” said Member for Western Metropolitan Region, Khalil Eideh.

Shadow Treasurer Tim Holding said Labor will develop a strong plan to attract jobs and investment to Victoria, and would include the issues discussed at Wyndham’s forum today. 

“A job provides dignity, a sense of purpose, a productive contribution to the economy and an income to support a family,” he said.

“Labor will do the hard yards to keep Victorians in work.”

The Opposition has written to more than 240 organisations, seeking their views to help shape the jobs and investment plan, as well as holding a series of forums across the State.

Under the Baillieu Government the State unemployment rate has increased to 5.3%, and infrastructure investment fell by 6.8% in Victoria in 2011, compared to a growth of 30% nationwide.

All of the Western Suburbs Labor MPs encouraged the community, business group, unions and other organisations to have their say by visiting www.danielandrews.com.au/haveyoursay

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