Victoria continues to remain at the bottom of the jobs pack on mainland Australia under the Baillieu Government, Shadow Minister for Employment Tim Pallas said today.

Mr Pallas said that the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) unemployment data released today indicated that Victoria’s unemployment rate had increased to 6.1%, compared to 5.6% in the previous month.

“This month alone there are over 30,000 additional Victorians out of work due largely to the Baillieu Government’s failures to generate employment through infrastructure projects and its cuts to the public service,” Mr Pallas said.

“This is equivalent to almost 1000 fewer Victorians in work each day in January. NSW had more than an extra 250 people employed each day.

“Victoria is coming to a standstill with thousands of construction jobs lost and thousands more at risk as big infrastructure jobs finish, with no future plans by the Baillieu Government for major projects.

“It is no surprise that Victoria has hit rock bottom. After 2 years in government Ted Baillieu has failed to deliver a substantive jobs and investment plan to generate jobs in the state,” Mr Pallas said.

According to the ABS data Victoria’s unemployment rate is far higher than the national rate; which remained steady at 5.4%.

The unemployment rate in other Australian states is as follows:

New South Wales 5.1%

Queensland 5.5%

South Australia 6.1%

Western Australia 4.0%

Mr Pallas said that another alarming statistic to come from today’s ABS data was the huge increase in Victoria’s youth unemployment number.

“Victoria’s youth unemployment rate is a staggering 20.9%, compared to the 17.8% nation-wide and is higher than every other Australian state and territory except Tasmania,” Mr Pallas said.

“Victoria’s young people are facing an uncertain future in this state due to the Baillieu Government’s $555 million cuts to educational providers, including TAFE training.  

“Despite today’s ABS data clearly indicating a bleak future for jobs in the Victoria,
the Baillieu Government still denies that the state is facing a jobs crisis.”

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