The Baillieu Government’s failure to invest in Victoria has contributed to more than two
years of falling job advertisements, Shadow Treasurer Tim Pallas said today.

The ANZ jobs advertisement research found the number of Victorian job advertisements continued to fall, recording a drop of 9.2 per cent for February or 45.5 per cent for the year to February – the worst in the country.

Mr Pallas said these were yet again shocking figures and further evidence that the no action, no plan Baillieu Government is hurting the Victorian economy.

“It seems the Baillieu Government is too busy dealing in its own internal shenanigans surround Deputy Leader Peter Ryan and Ted Baillieu than working hard for the people of Victoria,” Mr Pallas said.

“Month after month the Baillieu Government fails to invest in jobs, infrastructure, manufacturing and skills and in doing so the Victorian economy continues to go backwards. 

“Just over two-years ago Victoria was the economic engine room of Australia – now it is coughing and splattering more than Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang under Mr Baillieu. 

“Under the Baillieu Liberal-National Government, Victoriacontinues to be the dead-weight of the Australian economy because of Mr Baillieu’s inaction.

“The ANZ Research also raises concerns about the continuing rising
unemployment in Victoria and that the economy and job advertising will remain sluggish and weak.”

Mr Pallas said Treasurer Kim Wells promise to create more than 50,000 jobs was nothing but a pipe dream – like many Baillieu Government promises.

“Mr Baillieu may not want to work hard to create and protect jobs, but Labor does and that’s why we have developed a jobs and investment plan forVictoria,” he said.

“Unlike Mr Baillieu, Labor understands what it takes to get Victoria’s economy moving,” he said.

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