Forest Fire Management Victoria (FFMVic) wants residents from communities in Werribee to share how they want to communicate about bushfire risk and consult on the information they need to be best prepared each fire season.
Through Engage Victoria, Werribee residents can share with FFMVic exactly what they want to know about living with bushfire risk and identify any possible gaps in their current access to information.
This community engagement campaign follows recommendations from independent inquiries held after the 2019/20 bushfire season that encouraged further consultation on public awareness regarding Victoria’s bushfire risk management.
As part of this reform work further public consultation will also be held across Werribee in line with the current public health guidelines.
Member for Werribee Tim Pallas said managing bushfire risk was an ongoing and shared responsibility and everyone had a role.
“We’d like to hear from people in Werribee as it’s important we understand what each community already knows about bushfire risk, managing that risk and where the possible gaps are.”
“By finding out what communities want and need to know, we can ensure people are hearing and engaging with the right information about bushfire risk management – as and when they need it.”
FFMVic has also created new public information tools including an interactive map to better demonstrate how bushfire risk planning is conducted.
The website hosting the map tool also highlights the purpose of Victoria’s fuel management program and how fuel management is planned, conducted, evaluated and reported. It outlines the fuel management strategy in each region of Victoria and describes why, where and how often planned burning, other fuel management activities and supporting actions are needed.
It also identifies how things such as health and wellbeing, the environment, the economy and critical infrastructure are incorporated into planning.
Residents can access the mapping tool at
Online consultation on bushfire risk is open until June 30 at