Werribee electorate housing affordability

Mr PALLAS (Treasurer) (09:42:26) — I rise to update the house on the success of the Homes for Victorians package in my electorate of Werribee. The changes we have made to stamp duty for first home buyers have meant that thousands more first home buyers are now accessing the housing market.

I am happy to report that Wyndham has the highest number of first home buyers that have paid no stamp duty at all. In this 2017–18 financial year there were 1651 transactions, resulting in a saving of $33.8 million for first home buyers. These purchases are a story of hope, of opportunity and of progress. Thousands more Victorians will now experience the joy of hanging family photos in their living room, of marking their children’s heights against the wall and of digging up and creating their own backyard. We are also ensuring that young Victorians can not only get into the housing market but can also be supported by the infrastructure and the services that they need.