Mr PALLAS (Treasurer) (11:33:06) — I would like to update the house on the work that this government is doing to insulate Victorians from the greatest risk to our health system: the federal Liberal‑National government and their acolytes and apologists.

Victoria is the fastest growing state in the nation, meaning that we have increasing demand on our health services. It is why we are making a record investment in health and in our ambulance system as well, of course. Those opposite really sat on their hands for four years and did nothing. Our great state has subsidised the commonwealth each and every year since Federation. We are the only state in the nation that can make that claim. Yet again, of course, Malcolm Turnbull has found another way to short‑change Victorians and eclipse Billy McMahon’s ineptitude. Malcolm Turnbull may not be much, but at least he is consistent as he again tries to palm off his government’s responsibilities to the states and to cut vital services.

While we roll out the largest infrastructure investment this state has ever seen, Malcolm Turnbull allocates just 9 per cent of federal funding to the state of Victoria. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of Sydney gives his home state a whopping 45 per cent. Sartre once said, ‘Every word has consequences. Every silence, too’ — and it is the silence from those opposite, the obsequious shadows that they are, as the Prime Minister targets vulnerable Victorians, that speaks volumes.

If the federal government worked half as hard at doing their job as they did at attacking the vulnerable and taking credit where none is due, they would be as impressive as Malcolm Turnbull’s Cayman Islands accounts. Whether it is funding for health, TAFE, schools or tackling the scourge of mental illness, the Liberals know what to cut. They will check your wallet before they check your pulse.