Ministers statements: road infrastructure projects

Mr PALLAS (Treasurer) (12:41:28) — It gives me great pleasure to rise to update the house about the Victorian government’s last Victorian budget delivering significant investments to reduce congestion. They are investments that are made possible by our strong economy and of course our AAA‑rated economy. Our economy leads the nation. Our jobs growth leads the nation. In fact one in 10 jobs in the economy today did not exist more than three and a half years ago. Indeed nearly $1 of every $7 in the Victorian economy — the GSP of the state — did not exist three and a half years ago. That is what growth looks like.

For the past three and a half years we have been getting things done, including providing $110 million to get the north‑east link ready to go to market. Infrastructure Victoria describes the north‑east link as ‘the priority road project’. The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry calls the project the missing piece of Victoria’s transport puzzle. And of course RACV describes it as their top priority.

How bad it must feel then that the Leader of the Opposition has been so clearly out‑positioned and undermined by the Prime Minister only days after he made his captain’s pick to abandon this vital project and instead focus on a zombie road that does not stack up. We have already had one referendum on the east–west link. Victorians know exactly what happened when the member for Malvern tried to blackmail Victorians with his shameful side letter. I do not know what makes the Leader of the Opposition think they will support it when it comes at the expense of this most urgently needed road. So I cannot wait. If they want a regurgitation of the last vote on east–west, then —

The SPEAKER — Order! The Treasurer has concluded his statement.