MR PALLAS (Werribee—Treasurer, Minister for Economic Development, Minister for Industrial Relations) (14:24):

It gives me pleasure to advise the house how Victoria is investing in reforms that put people and their wellbeing at the centre of service delivery. We know that early investment builds stronger, more resilient and fairer communities. I am proud that through our early investment framework the Andrews Labor government is shifting the service system to one that provides more early intervention and diversion services. This framework is helping guide early interventions to improve the lives of Victorians and also to better deliver fairer outcomes right across the state. We all know prevention is better than cure, so fixing societal problems before they become acute makes sense and helps Victorians in need. And, might I say, it makes good budgetary sense as well.

Programs such as partnerships addressing disadvantage show us that early interventions can improve outcomes. Last year’s budget provided $324 million across 10 initiatives to deliver targeted, effective assistance to vulnerable people, reducing the likelihood of their needs escalating. That package supports Victorians across a range of different cohorts, including Victorians experiencing homelessness, families whose children are at risk of being placed in care, disengaged young people and Victorians with chronic health conditions. We will keep working to transform the system to better meet the needs of vulnerable Victorians. That means significant funding and targeted early intervention, because we know that by doing this not only are we going to change lives but we can save lives and quite frankly we can enrich all Victorians.