Mr PALLAS (Werribee—Treasurer, Minister for Economic Development, Minister for Industrial Relations) (12:31:32): The jobs boom happening across Victoria just keeps getting better. We have now created half a million jobs since being elected, including, might I say, 329 000 full-time jobs. When you consider that those opposite could only manage 39 000 full-time jobs, our results are truly remarkable. Victoria has created nearly 40 per cent of all full-time jobs created right across the nation, so we are clearly punching above our weight, and it is not by accident. This government’s Big Build program is not only delivering projects like the Metro Tunnel, the North East Link and the West Gate Tunnel, it is also delivering 115 000 jobs. Thanks to our investment, one in 10 jobs in Victoria today is in the construction industry. When you think that one in seven jobs in Victoria today did not exist before this government came to office, we have totally grown the labour market. This is a story of progress. Victoria is booming, and yesterday CommSec’s State of the States report declared that Victoria is the number one economy in the nation for the sixth straight quarter. Meanwhile New South Wales has dropped to third. But still, a podium finish is a heck of a lot better than the member for Malvern could manage when he was Treasurer. All he ever got was the equivalent of a participation certificate. As the chief economist for CommSec observed, the government’s action has given confidence to companies to invest and to set up here and grow. The member for Malvern may have been humiliated in the most serious way not because he backed the wrong candidate in an internal Liberal ballot but because of his atrocious record as Treasurer.