Ministers statements: Extractive Resources Strategy

Mr PALLAS (Treasurer) (11:27:06) — It gives me great pleasure to talk about the launch of our extractives strategy at the Arden precinct last week. This government knows that we need a stable and affordable supply of rock, gravel and sand so that we can keep building the vital infrastructure and the housing projects that the state needs. It is emblematic of this government: we plan ahead and we get things done. Melbourne is growing and we are planning for the raw material supply, we are planning for the roads and the rail projects and of course we are planning for new schools and hospitals.

Now just to be clear: our policy is an extractive industries policy, not an extraction of funds from industry policy. Whilst the only things that some have planned are donations from developers and dodgy dinners at the Lobster Cave, the Arden precinct will be a great example of urban renewal planning done properly and with integrity. It will be everything that Fishermans Bend should have been before the shady Leader of the Opposition got his sinister plans underway.

Melbourne’s demand for extractive resources is expected to double by 2050. It is crucial that we plan to ensure access to these resources is not compromised.

This government understands that when we are about the business of ensuring that industry has a very clear appreciation of extractive policies it helps move sand, gravel and rock rather than brown paper bags. It is our intention to make sure that integrity underpins everything we do. When it comes to vision and courage, they are in low supply from those opposite. They are small‑minded and reactionary, with a leader who always has his hand out, whether it is Ventnor, Madafferi or Fishermans Bend.