Mr PALLAS (Werribee) (11:10:11): It gives me great pleasure to stand up to advise the house on the response to the Andrews government’s fifth budget that keeps our promises and delivers for all Victorians. Yesterday both Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s confirmed that Victoria will retain its AAA rating, just like we told you it would before the last election. This endorsement is not only about our budget but also a ringing endorsement of this government’s responsible economic management. But they are not the only ones that have been praising this budget this year. For example, from Infrastructure Partnerships Australia we have heard this budget being described as ‘remarkable’ and an ‘impressive infrastructure budget’—no surprise, given our record of investing and creating 115 000 jobs. Also, of course, we have heard from the Victorian Council of Social Service, who have described this budget as a ‘progressive suite of social policies’ which ‘make life better for Victorians’. On top of that we have got the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, who have actually gone out and commended the ‘positive incentive for business investment’ created by the new 50 per cent stamp duty concession. We are also building infrastructure that meets the community’s needs and we are reducing taxation in payroll. From the CEO of Environment Victoria: We are pleased to see the Andrews government honouring its commitment to ensuring all Victorians benefit from growing renewable energy investment and jobs in our state. The Public Transport Users Association said ‘the government is delivering as they promised’. Even Terry McCrann—and a shout-out to all my friends at the Herald Sun—had this to say: On its merits, the latest Budget is a good Labor Budget and indeed a good Budget period.