Regional Rail Link Saved From Coalition Blunder

A Coalition rolling stock bungle will force an eight-week delay in the opening of
the $4 billion Regional Rail Link (RRL) project, and new stations in Tarneit
and Wyndham Vale.

Local Labor MP Tim Pallas said the Coalition had planned to open the project despite
knowing there would not be enough trains to guarantee reliable services on the
regional network.

If RRL was introduced in April, as the former Coalition Government had planned, any
delay in rolling stock delivery or train faults could mean service
cancellations and chaos for Wyndham commuters from day one of RRL.

Deferral of the implementation of RRL is the safest option, given the Coalition’s failure
to get the basics right and order enough trains to reliably service the
regional network.

RRL, and the new stations at Wyndham Vale and Tarneit, will now open on 21 June 2015.

The Regional Rail Link was planned and funded under the previous Labor Government.
All the Coalition had to do was order the trains on time.