The Andrews Labor Government is creating jobs and caring for the people of Werribee.
The Victorian Budget 2021/22 will support an average of 38,000 jobs every year over the next four years, while also investing in the care, services and infrastructure our community needs.
Melbourne’s west is growing, and our roads need to keep up with demand. That’s why the Budget invests $14 million to start work on the Ison Road Overpass, which will allow for direct travel between fast growing residential areas and new employment and education precincts. The overpass will ease congestion for Werribee locals, while supporting jobs for Victorians during construction.
Manor Lake P-12 College is one of 52 Victorian schools that will be upgraded in this year’s Budget. This $9.4 million investment will modernise the school, including replacing existing temporary facilities and adding capacity for an additional 400 students in permanent facilities. Not only will this give our kids great learning spaces, it’ll create good jobs for Victorians. Across the state, our investment in more and better schools is expected to support 3,500 jobs.
As our western suburbs grow, the Labor Government is committed to ensuring every child has the best start to life. That’s why this Budget will deliver two brand-new schools in Werribee – Holyoake Parade Primary School and Lollypop Creek Primary School. Two of 13 new school builds across the state, this investment will give local kids the state-of-the-art school they deserve.
This Budget is also delivering the schools we need for today, and tomorrow. That means building new schools as well as locking in land to build schools for the future. The Budget will secure land in Mambourin, giving local families confidence their kids will have a great local school.
Trees make our streets more attractive, provide shade and decrease pollution. Under this year’s Budget, suburbs in Melbourne’s west – including in Werribee – will see thousands of new trees planted, further beautifying our community.
When Victorians need urgent care, they need Emergency Departments they can rely on. That’s why this Budget will begin planning to expand the adult Emergency Department at Werribee Mercy Hospital. In addition to supporting local jobs, this investment will make sure our EDs are there for local patients when they need it most.
$94 million will be invested in the Melton and Wyndham Vale corridor to enable higher capacity trains, including nine-car VLocity trains. These longer trains will increase capacity by up to 50 per cent during peak periods. Development work will also be undertaken for a new commuter train as a future replacement for the existing classic fleet operating on regional lines.
This Budget also includes a once in a generation investment to build our mental health system from the ground up. $3.8 billion will transform the way mental health support is offered in Victoria, with early intervention, a dedicated stream of care for our kids, and the recruitment of thousands of new workers.
An investment of $954 million will deliver 22 reformed area mental health and wellbeing services to replace current services. These services will have more capacity to treat and support Victorians experiencing severe and complex mental health challenges, in their own communities.
Young Victorians are at the heart of our reform, with $842 million in mental health and wellbeing support for children and young people. This investment will see two separate streams of care created – one devoted to infants and children and one devoted to young people. This investment will deliver more early intervention, more intensive support for those who need acute care, and three new community-based hubs, providing a one-stop approach to children’s mental health, health and development.
Not only are we delivering the mental health system Victoria needs – we’re also supporting around 3,000 new jobs. From doctors to nurses, support staff to peer workers, this investment is creating new opportunities for thousands of Victorians. To train and recruit this critical workforce, we’re also funding new scholarships, job placements and continuing our Free TAFE courses.
With this Budget, we’re creating jobs and caring for Victorians.
Quotes attributable to Member for Werribee Tim Pallas.
“Our investments in road and rail across Werribee don’t just cut time wasted in traffic, they keep our communities connected – and importantly, they create good jobs along the way.”
“Our western suburbs are booming – and with that comes great opportunity. We won’t waste a moment in ensuring that every child in our growing suburbs is offered a world-class education.”
“This Budget also invests in mental health and wellbeing support across our state, and with it the creation of thousands of new jobs. That’s what this Budget is about: creating jobs and caring for Victorians.”