Member for Werribee, Tim Pallas, has welcomed a dramatic increase in train punctuality along the Werribee line, following the introduction of the Regional Rail Link (RRL).

Punctuality on the Werribee line has hit a 12 month high according to new figures from Public Transport Victoria.

Since the opening of the RRL, the number of trains running on time during peak periods has increased from 84 per cent in May, to 91.1 per cent in July.

This increase is all the more promising, despite recent delays and cancellations on the Werribee line, such as the vandalism of the Newport signalling system.

Greater reliability in the West is another testament to the decision of the previous Labor Government to invest in the RRL, which has already greatly improved service delivery on the Werribee line and will allow additional peak hour services.

Quotes attributable to Member for Werribee, Tim Pallas

“This is a significant increase in punctuality across the Werribee line that we expect to be maintained going forward.”

“This improved service demonstrates how the Regional Rail Link is benefiting the people of Werribee.”

‘We’re getting more people to work and home quicker, so they can spend more quality time with their families.’