Tim Pallas, Member for Tarneit, and Jill Hennessy, Member for Altona, have welcomed news that the Government has taken on State Labor’s requests that the Government establish a full diamond interchange at Sneydes Road.

“While we welcome this announcement, it must be made clear whether all land sale revenue will directed back into our local community. The Minister for Planning stated ‘‟the $700 million plus that will be made from land sales on this site, all of it will be delivered back to the western suburbs.‟

(1) We note that so far only $72 million has been earmarked for reinvestment in this community,” said Ms. Hennessy.

We look forward to further announcements in next week’s State Budget regarding other much needed projects including:

 Duplication of fifteen arterial roads that have been identified by Wyndham City Council as at or over capacity, including Heaths Road, Forsyth Road, Sayers Road, Point Cook Road, Palmers Road, Leakes Road and Derrimut Road.

 Action on the $2.1m planning study of Armstrong Road.

 Increases to bus services and improved connectivity with train services.

“Given the City of Wyndham has experienced the largest and fastest population growth of any local government area in Victoria and two years of inaction from the State Government to address transport congestion, there is a pressing need to continuously invest in transport infrastructure in Wyndham,” said Mr. Pallas.

1 – Baillieu‟s Western CBD will fail without rail‟, The Age, 21 November 2012


The former State Labor Government’s investment in transport in the area included:
 The $4.3 billion Regional Rail Link project
 $14.7 million Derrimut Road duplication from Hogans Road to Sayers Road.
 Completed $3 million Werribee Cottrell Street works reducing congestion during peak periods.
 $5 million Duncans Road safety upgrade.
 $9.2 million for Federation Trail extension from Millers Road, Altona to Williamstown Road, Yarraville.
 $2.1 million for planning study of Armstrong Road.
 Wyndham and Hobsons Bay Bus Review a $4.6 million investment adding new services and extending hours of
operation to serve Wyndham‟s growing population.
 Increased Nightrider bus services.
 More Werribee Line peak and non peak services.
 Hoppers Crossing and Laverton Station carpark upgrade providing 700 car spaces on the Werribee line.
 $92.6 million for the Laverton Rail upgrade.
 $28.6 Palmers Road extension and $24m for the new overpass.
 $10 million planning and consultation study for WestLink, a second river crossing of the Maribyrnong River.