Community Grants


1. Victorian Community Sport Sector Short-term Survival Package

Here is a list of local clubs that have been successful in securing a $1,000 grant as part of our Victorian Community Sport Sector Short-term Survival Package, which is helping local clubs with basic running costs and supporting a return to play.

Wyndham Basketball Association $1000, Werribee Bears Rugby League Sports Club $1000, Werribee Centrals Football Netball Club Inc $1000, Werribee Centrals Junior Football Club Inc $1000, Werribee Centrals Sports & Youth Club Inc $1000, Werribee Districts Football Club Inc $1000, Werribee Hockey Club $1000, Manor Lakes Football Club $1000, Werribee Bowls Club Inc $1000, Western United (Wyndham FC) $1000, Wyndham Suns Football Club $1000, Corpus Christi Basketball $1000, Werribee Junior Cricket Club $1000, Werribee Giants Baseball Club Inc $1000, Flames Basketball Club Incorporation $1000, Glen Orden Sports Club $1000, Hoppers Crossing Cricket Club $1000, Hoppers Crossing Football Club Inc $1000, Hoppers Crossing Soccer Club $1000, Cambridge Basketball Club $1000, Werribee Central Tennis Club Inc $1000, Hoppers Crossing Swimming Club Inc $1000, Werribee Masters Football Club $1000,  Werribee Cricket Club $1000, Werribee Tennis Club $1000, Werribee Football Club Limited $1000, Italian Sports Club of Werribee Inc $1000, Werribee Table Tennis Association $1000, VTCA Umpires Association Inc $1000, Woodville Basketball Club $1000, Werribee Victorian Clay Target Club $1000, Wyndham Dragons Netball Club $1000, Werribee Victorian Clay Target Club $1000, Wyndham Track And Field Club $1000,  Wyndhamvale Football Club Inc $1000, Werribee Central Equestrian Club Inc $1000, Wyndham Warriors Bmx & Mountainbike Club Inc $1000, Werribee Central Equestrian Club Inc $1000, Werribee Little Athletics $1000, Italian Sports Club of Werribee Inc $1000, Werribee Victorian Clay Target Club $1000, Wyndhamvale Football Club Inc $1000, 1st Iramoo Scout Group $1000, 2nd Werribee Scout Group $1000, Good News Power Basketball Club $1000, Iramoo Basketball Club Inc $1000, Werribee All Abilities Basketball Club Inc $1000, Wyndham Vale Cricket Club $1000, Werribee Archery Inc $1000.

2. Community Sports Infrastructure Stimulus Program 

•  Galvin Park Soccer Facilities $1,000,000


1. Capital Works School Contribution

•  Warringa Park School ($14,090,985)

2. Planned Maintenance Program May 2020

•  Iramoo Primary School $10,000, Manorvale Primary School $30,000

3. School Breakfast Clubs Program

Little River Primary School, Werribee Secondary College, Wyndham Vale Primary School, Manorvale Primary School, Wyndham Park Primary School, Woodville Primary School, Warringa Park School, Westgrove Primary School, Thomas Chirnside Primary School, Manor Lakes P-12 College, Riverwalk Primary School, Iramoo Primary School, Wyndham Central Secondary College.

4. 2020-21 Bushfire Preparedness (Vegetation) Program and Planned Maintenance Program

Werribee Primary School $15,000, Werribee Secondary College $40,000, Wyndham Park Primary School $10,000, Wyndham Vale Primary School $10,000


1. Medical Equipment and Engineering Infrastructure grants

•  Werribee Mercy Hospital ($1,160,766) 

2. VicHealth Active Club Grant

•  Wyndham Basketball Association $3000, Wyndham United Football Club $3000, Wyndham Vale Football Club $2880.

3. Mental Health Practitioners in secondary schools initiative

•  Manor Lakes P-12 College, Suzanne Cory High School, Werribee Secondary College, Wyndham Central Secondary College.


1. Victorian Youth Week Grants 2020

•  Australian Karen Organisation ($2000)

•  Mackillop College ($2000)

Multicultural Affairs

1. Multicultural Community Connections Program

Australian Karen Organisation $4000, Edo Club of Australia Incorporated $4000, Ethiopian Youth Education and Cultural Awareness Organisation $4000, Wyndham Ambassadors of Multicultural Youth (WAMY) $4,400, Wyndham Interfaith Network $4,400, Polynesian Kids Community Language School Inc $4,000.

2. Strategic Partnership Program (SPP) and Strategic Engagement Coordinators (SEC)

•  Wyndham Community and Education Centre – AMES Australia

3. Victorian African Communities Action Plan (VACAP) COVID-19 response package

•  African Australian Family and Parenting Support Services Inc

Tourism, Sport and Major Events

1. Significant Sporting Events Program

•  Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre